24 März 2022

I thought I was going to have another 100 Plus photos to share today. However, I got burned by iPhoto. I am still not sure how it happened, and if there is any way to get the actual photos.

I actually have three cameras that I travel with. I use a sony digital camera, my iphone, and then a gopro video camera. Every trip I come back and take the photos off of the sony and gopro and import them into iphoto. Once every couple of weeks I back up my iphoto library onto an external drive, and I also use google photos as a backup. That way I literally have iphoto backed up three different ways (icloud also backups). Anyway, today I was trying to export the pictures from the Residenz in Munich for this blog, and I got a really strange message. ” Photos with unavailable original files cannot be opened. The original photo “DSC02796.JPG” is either offline or cannot be found. Click “Find Original” to reconnect.”

Somehow, all the pictures i took with the sony are showing in iphoto, but it is like a thumbnail file. I can see the picture listed in iphoto, but every time I try and open the picture or do anything with it I get the message above. What has me so frustrated is that I did nothing different than I ever do. I always wait until I see the photos are showing in Iphoto before I delete them from the SD card. Somehow, that was not enough this time. There were some great pictures that I will never be able to show. I am really bummed. So if anyone has ever experienced this, please let me know. I mean there should be a way to take what I see in iphoto, and make it a real picture, but so far I have not had any luck finding a solution.


The Residence in Munich served as the seat of government from the early 1500’s until 1918. The building was actually started in the year 1385. Over the centuries the rules of Bavaria added onto the original castle. This has led to an amazingly large castle with all kinds of strange angles, and other different design characteristics for the same building. The front of the building is large, but honestly as castles go rather plain looking. It is only when you enter the building and start walking around that you can grasp the size and complexity of the different rulers. The following link is to the museum’s web site. It lists some of the rulers and the specific changes they made to the building. Unfortunately this is not an all encompossing list, because from 1385 – 1550 it only lists two occupants. and there had to have been a lot of construction during those almost 200 years! https://www.residenz-muenchen.de/englisch/residenc/bau.htm

The Residence has been open as a museum for a little over 100 years now. It is very interesting the see the differences between the eras of when the Dukes, Catholic Church, and lastly the Kings had the building. Everything was incredibly ornate, but you can really tell the difference when the occupants had a higher authority above them vs when they were the KING or QUEEN. The building also was some of the finest renaissance era architecture I have seen.

Another aspect to the tour that struck me were some of the wood floors. The guide said that in the King’s apartments they really wanted marble floors, but in that part of the building the construction on upper levels would not allow the weight. So the architect designed wooden floors that at first glance appear to be marble. I was fascinated. The picture below shows one of the examples, but when you see the gallery at the end, you will see many different designs. Unfortunately, I lost about 1/2 of the pictures of the floors 🙁

The one really costly part of the trip, is that Julie decided if we wind up moving back to Mitchell I have to build a hallway like this from the back of the house, to where we are going to put the hot tub, and outdoor bar!

For some reason it is called the yellow hallway. I never really understood why. I have decided, though, if she gets her hallway, I get a throne room!

My favorite room in the whole building was the Emperor’s Room. I am not sure the photo will look right on the web site, but I stood in the center of the room, put my iphone in panoramic mode, and went from one end across the ceiling to the other end of the room. I also have a short video a few paragraphs up with the room in the video.

When you look at the gallery below, pay attention to the last picture in the first row, and the first picture in the second row. To get an idea of the craftsmanship keep in mine this is a marble panel on a stair. I could not believe the artist was able to capture the perspective of a hallway with that detail, and have the stone feel so smooth it is as if it was a painted picture or one solid piece of stone. There was another room where the ceiling was painted to this same style. When you stood in the center of the room and looked up, it felt like the ceiling was a 100 yards away instead of 30 feet.

I normally I put my 2nd post of the week out on Friday, but tomorrow, I am going on a bike ride from Zurich to Basel. It is about 100 kilometers, so it will take me a good 4 or 5 hours (probably much closer to 5). I am also looking forward to the ride, because I am going to meet some people in person that I have only met online. There is a reason it is called social media after all. I just hope I can keep up with the other riders. I have tried to make very clear that I am not a speed cyclist it is much more about recreation to me.

Anyway, I hope you have a great rest of your week, and weekend. I will talk to you next week.

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