20 May 2021

Not a whole lot of writing in this post. The only thing that has happened since I wrote last, is that Julie and I got the first doses of the Covid Vaccine, and IT NEVER STOPS RAINING!!!!

I guess that last statement is a little inaccurate. It is not currently raining now, but so far May has been miserable. It has not rained every day this month, but the rain has been a lot more frequent than the sun shine. In fact I was reading an article yesterday that talked about the two local food crops (asparagus and strawberries) are basically over before they even got started. The fields are so wet that everything is simply drowning before it can be picked.

We have a three day weekend again this week, but the weather has been so lousy that we have decided to simply stay at home. It doesn’t make any sense to pay for an apartment or hotel room when it is going to rain every day. Oh well, staying at home will allow Julie to get all her summer clothes out of the basement. She may not be able to wear them this year, but at least they will be available!

We keep waiting for news on when things will open up again for travel. Apparently, Greece and Italy have opened up to North American travelers, but so far not a word on Switzerland. The strangest thing I have read is that the final decision on the electronic vaccine passports will be made on 18 June. What made it strange is that they are going to start rolling it out on 7 June? I guess I would have thought the final decisions would have already been made before they start rolling it out. The one thing they have been adamant about is that it will only be needed for international travel and large events. They are not going to require it for travel within the country, shopping, or smaller public events. The government is also calling it a certificate of non-contagiousness. So I guess that means you have been vaccinated, or you have to be tested for anti-bodies periodically.

I came across this news article yesterday, and I have to admit I am intrigued. If I can convince Julie to let me leave for a week or so, I might check it out:

Swiss mountain farmers are looking for volunteers

Normally, scores of volunteers from abroad help Alpine farmers in their daily chores. But due to travel restrictions, this year the farmers are hoping help will come from within the country.

Caritas, an organisation helping to find about 1,400 urgently needed volunteers, is looking for “people who appreciate the insight into a new world, who are looking for a connection to nature, and who want to secure the livelihood of mountain farmers”.

The tasks include harvesting hay, looking after animals, helping around the house, and other chores.

Anyone wishing to work on a mountain farm for at least a week must be at least 18 years old and physically fit. It is also important that applicants have not visited a risk area 10 days before the assignment, Caritas said.

The last of the pictures from our Vevey weekend. Hope you have a great weekend talk to you soon!

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