Tomorrow is going to be busy!

Well, the last two weeks have flown by. I think I am starting to catch on a little about life in Switzerland. I can get around with out to much trouble. The train system is really easy to use. Between the SBB App and Google Maps I have been able to find everything I need. I think I am catching on a little to life as a “Domestic Engineer”. I start each day off by cooking breakfast for Julie. I walk her to the train, and then go on a jog. When I get back, I shower, cook breakfast for myself, then clean the house.

After the cleaning is done. (Laundry days are different, because it takes seemingly FOREVER for the washer to do one load of clothes.). I sit down at the computer and spend an hour or so with some German Language lessons. I am debating going out and buying some children books to work on my reading as well. Language teachers what do you think? Good idea or bad idea? Walk or ride my back for any other errands that need to be completed. I then start dinner, for Julie and I. Go to meet her at the train. We come back, and spend the evening talking, and just being together.

Tomorrow though, is going to be really busy. I will only go on a very short run, because I have to be downtown Zurich, for the biometric screening. Hopefully, I pass, so I can get my residency card. 🙂 .

After the screening, I have an appointment at the US Consulate. It looks like the house sale is actually going to go through. I really did not think it was.. I was planning on having to make a trip back to Wisconsin to make other arrangements for the house. Thank goodness that is not necessary. Instead, I have to go to the Consulate, and have them notarize all the papers that would normally be signed at closing. BTW . Here is a BIG SHOUT OUT to our good friend Pam McAvoy! Pam was a blessing in helping out with the Warranty Deed and just kind of holding my hand during this whole process! Since she won’t send me a bill as an attorney. I am really hoping she comes visit that way we can pay her back in food and wine!

Once the papers are signed, I have to find the Fed Ex office, and at the cost of untold hundreds of $$$ I have to overnight all the paperwork back to Wisconsin. I still do not understand, why they cannot just accept digital signatures, and secure email for PDFs, but maybe once Drew has finished Law School, he can explain it to me. Oh well, the house has sold, so the biggest worry is gone.

Tomorrow evening we are heading back downtown to celebrate Oktoberfest with some of Julie’s work mates. So, hopefully, I will have some pictures to share with you on Friday. See you then.

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  1. Geordy one of our exchange students, Michel Simon worked on his English by reading Tamara’s kindergarten books and her children’s books such as Snoopy😊. He said he really helped him improve on his English.

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