Quick Friday Post

As someone who lives with technology, sometimes I forget how awesome it can be. This past Wednesday was a perfect example.

Wednesday was my wife’s birthday. It wasn’t the first one we have spent apart, and assuming we live longer, it probably won’t be the last, either. The lack of communication has been the hardest thing about being apart. I think all of us married folk, tend to take for granted how easy it is to have a conversation with our spouse. We get home from work, and the person is always there. Sometimes we long for some space, so we don’t have to talk to each other. I know military spouses, or people that have a traveling spouse can relate, but most of us really do not have any concept of what a prolonged separation means.

Anyway, WhatsApp is a fabulous invention, or even Facetime for you Apple users. The ability to have long distance voice, text, or even video communication is pretty unbelievable. Yet, we have grown so accustomed to this we take it for granted. The best part, is unlike making a phone call, it doesn’t even have a financial cost. Simply using an internet connection you talk with someone on the other side of the planet. This past week, I was able to give my wife tech support, wish her a happy birthday, and simply listen to her voice for an hour or so, and it was really great.

The next two weeks are the primary reasons I have stayed behind. Next Thursday, I help my son move to Indianapolis, so he can start law school. It will also be the last chance I have to see my parents before making the move. I thought I had this great plan of going to Southern Indiana, and spending an entire week with my parents before leaving, but I didn’t think about their plans. It turns out my parents have lives too!! (Who would have thought.) They are going on vacation the same time I am dropping off my truck and camper on the farm.

The second week of August I move my daughter to Madison so she can start her sophomore year of university. This week will be the hardest, Not only because I have gotten all the kids out of the house, but because the house will be completely empty after she moves, and Eowyn and I will be living in our camper.

Julie and I are extremely proud of our children. We have taught them to be self sufficient, and honestly we do not have THAT many worries about having an ocean separate us. One of the realities that we were facing anyway was the kids moving out of the house. With our son going to law school, we would only see him a few times per year, and we have always tried to not be the hovering college parents. Once our kids went off, we saw them once or twice a semester outside of the normal holiday breaks.

Talk to you soon!

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