Last Night in the US

I know I didn’t post earlier this week, but honestly it was a week from H****. My original plan was to leave Wisconsin on Tuesday. I was going to swing through Madison, get the veterinarian paperwork signed, visit with my daughter for a bit, and then drive down to my parent’s farm. I would then spend the rest of the week, seeing people in my hometown, and basically just relax a bit before heading off to Zurich. Well those plans did not come to fruition.

I was able to get to Madison on Tuesday; but the problem was I had to go back to Greenville instead of driving on through to Southern Indiana. The house sale seemed to be falling apart. The buyers were asking for ridiculous things, and the home inspector wrote up the house giving the impression that one of the walls was caving in. So I had to stick around longer in Wisconsin; so a different foundation expert could come out and say the house was physically sound.

Kaylee and I in Madison

The visit for the paperwork went smoothly. I also had a few hours to spend with my daughter. We had a wonderful lunch, and then spent the rest of the visit walking around the UW campus. We sat on the terrace and talked. It was a good way to say our Goodbyes. I know she will have a wonderful semester, and I can hardly wait to see her and her brother again at Christmas.

Wednesday and Thursday I basically spent talking to contractors, and getting bids for the projects the home buyers wanted me to do. I knew I wasn’t going to do any of them, but I at least wanted to have an idea what the cost was going to be. I was on pins and needles for these two days. I kept waiting on the call from my realtor, saying the deal was off, and we needed to start all over again looking for someone else. Finally on Thursday, at about 9:30 pm my realtor called. I had already told her, the only thing I was willing to do was knock another $5k off the house. They could then change and fix whatever they wanted, but I wasn’t going to deal with any more. They were originally looking at having me do over $15,000 worth of projects. To me, these were all cosmetic items, and not my responsibility, but I am sure the buyers had a different viewpoint! Anyway, when the call came, the buyers had decided to only ask for me paying part of their closing costs. So I said OK, and the deal is now officially on. We close 30 September. I know I probably gave up even to much there, but I really just wanted to be done with the house.

Friday I finally got to drive to Indiana. Thank goodness the drive was uneventful, and I got the camper put in place, and it is all packed away to be pulled out in three years when we come back. Well, I do have to finish jacking it off the ground when we are home at Christmas. My Dad had told me there are dozens of cinder blocks around, but he is Vancouver, and I couldn’t find any!!

Today was my day for fun. I spent the day in Bloomington, IN at the Indiana University Football game. My son came with me.

George and I outside of Memorial Stadium

We had a great time at the game, and since it is the last live game I will see in three years. The Hoosiers did it right for me. They won 52 – 0. It was against Eastern Illinois, but for those of you that follow the Big Ten Conference; you know that Indiana usually doesn’t win these games that are supposed to be easy wins. šŸ™‚
George and I ended our night at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house for dinner. Thank you Marilyn. Dinner was delicious!

Tomorrow, George will drive me back to Chicago. The flight is supposed to leave at 8:00 PM and get into Zurich at 10:30 AM; so in about 36 hours I will finally see my wife again.

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