Last Hunt

This week has been more of the same. As I type this, I am sitting in my driveway, as total strangers go through my garage looking to buy some of the excess stuff that my wife and I have accumulated. I really hope a lot of people buy things, I do not want to have to move everything for a third and possibly fourth time.

Last weekend, I took the time recharge my batteries. I was able to spend Saturday and Sunday morning, in the woods hunting for turkey. Spring time in Wisconsin can be a magical time. This is due partly to the fact that for the last five months you leave your house, to go to work, run errands, and shovel the driveway. Hunting weekends allow me a couple of different benefits: 1) My friends and I will stay up all hours of the night solving the worlds problems. (If only we could get someone to listen to us,) 2) Being out in nature, with no cell phone, or other distractions, allows me to simply contemplate my place in the universe.

Two of my hunting companions.
Two of my hunting companions.
This is me sitting in a turkey blind.  You wear a face mask, because the turkeys have really good eyesight.

Hunting also allows me to know where my food comes from. When it comes to deer hunting, I’ve always been more concerned about putting venison in the freezer than about waiting for a deer to walk by with giant antlers. I freely admit that not being able to hunt every weekend in the fall is going to be one of the top three things I miss next fall.

This week my wife was able to go down to Florida to see her parents. Our son is graduating college next week; so we will see parents then, but with the graduation she wouldn’t have had much of a chance to visit. Moving farther away from our parents, as they age, is one of the things we really had to discuss before deciding to move across the Atlantic. Now, we are able to see our parents and other family members four or five times a year. Once we move, we will see them once maybe twice if we can convince them to come to Switzerland for a visit.

Talk to you soon!

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