Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

In the last post I talked about how we have to decide what we move. It has been 28 years since we lived in an apartment. My wife and I have had plenty of room to store things. I hate to admit it, but we are both accumulators.

Touching every item in the house is actually harder than I thought it would be. Almost every item brings back some memory. I have been thinking a lot, this week, of the time when my children were small. I have reflected on camping trips we took, hunting weekends, and other good times. All of these good memories remind me how much I will miss Wisconsin, and the place that has become home. Some items have brought a quick realization that our life here in the US is different than so many other places. Old electronics or broken toys make me think how good we have it here, and how blessed my life has been that I have never had to worry about money. I keep reflecting how much of my resources were wasted, and how maybe my family could have had a bigger impact, if we had not purchased so much stuff, and used those resources to help others in need.

Yesterday, I called a couple of companies to get bids on moving our piano, and some other heavy furniture that is being put into storage. Thank goodness, this stuff only has to be moved a couple of miles. I do not like to think about how much moving back is going to cost if we have to locate in a different city.

I also learned that moving big heavy items is a bit of a specialty. I’ve always tried to be a responsible gun owner; so all my guns are kept in a safe in the basement. With three of us in the family that hunt, I was forced to get a pretty large safe. It took six of us to get the safe down into the basement, and none of us have the equipment to get it up the stairs. I realize this is a pretty small market, but I have been able to find only one company that can help. I guess I could always leave the safe for the new owners, but then I would have to buy one to hold the guns while we are in Europe. I guess it will all depend on how much this one company will charge to make the move.

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