7 January, 2020

This is going to be a pretty short post for the start of the New Year.

We have had both children here in Switzerland for the past couple of days. We sent the oldest home this morning. He has already missed two days of school this semester, so we were lucky to be able to see him for as long as we did. NOTE: If you ever want to get me riled up, ask me about flight change fees when your son forgets when the 2nd semester of Law School starts up!

Our daughter is in town for another 10 days or so before she heads back for the 2nd semester at UW/Madison. We went exploring this morning around Zürich, and this weekend we are heading to Gèneva. She has already coordinated our tour of CERN. That was the one thing she wanted to see while in Switzerland.

We hope that both children are able to come back this summer. It will be fun taking them to the mountains for some hiking and other high adventure activities. (Paragliding anyone???)

For Christmas Julie got me a GoPro camera. So I decided to take it on our tour this morning, I am going to teach myself more about video editing, etc.. This may sound strange coming from an IT guy, but video is something I was never that interested in, I can do the very basics but that is about it. I decided I needed to a camera to spice up the blog some. My daughter says it is very boring, and I want people to enjoy reading it, not be bored silly! So anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures we have taken the last couple of days, as well as the video I shot at the Grossmünster. I promise the videos will get better!

Video of the Grossmünster

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