6 September. 2020

Almost over!

I am on the last day of my quarantine. My whole world revolves two rooms and a balcony.

I get out of “jail” tomorrow. I am really looking forward to Monday, because then I get to go for a jog. Riding my bike on the balcony is decent exercise, but it is boring as heck! There is not a lot I can say about quarantine. I know it could be worse, and I could be stuck in much worse accommodations, but it is no fun. I did get the chance to watch a lot of Netflix. Cobra Kai is pretty good, and I had forgotten what a fun show Lucifer is to watch. I also got the chance to read multiple books; so all in all I spent unproductive time about as unproductive ly as I could.

I did put almost 450 kilometers on my bike. I also lost all the weight I put back on while visiting the US. Those darn mega stuff oreos were the bane of my existence. When Julie and I move back home I am really going to have to watch that! I got my last breakfast in bed this morning,(That is habanero sauce not ketchup BTW) and Julie also celebrated with mimosas. I think she is getting tired of waiting on me!

My last breakfast in bed!

The B1G football season was supposed to start this weekend. IU was supposed to travel to Madison to put a hurt on the Badgers. It was kind of bittersweet to get pictures from Kaylee. Mom and Dad were going to come up to the game, so if we had been in Wisconsin, we would have had a nice weekend visiting with family. Oh well, I am really glad that my parents still went up to see Kaylee. That is one of the the things that really stink about living over here. We wind up missing even more family time.

I probably won’t post again until I have pictures from Lisbon. There just isn’t enough to write about with daily living!

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