5 Oktober.2020

Videos of Mt Pilatus

Julie and I had a wonderful weekend at the top of Mt Pilatus. We stayed in a hotel nestled between the two peaks of the mountain. I will write more later this week, but I wanted to share the two videos I put together.

The first is a video made on Saturday. We woke up Saturday morning to 4 or 5 inches of snow. The snow continued to come down, and the wind was blowing fiercely. My guess is that when it was all over the total snowfall was closer to 8 inches. It was really hard to tell, because there were places that had 2 feet of snow, and places that had 1/2 inch.

3 Oktober.2020

We took the cable car up the mountain, and decided to take the train down. You can either take gondolas and a cable car up from Kriens, or you can take the “World’s Steepest Train” up from Alpnachstad. The trip from Kriens runs year around. The train starts running late April or May, and stops in the Middle of October. The first video is the one I made with Kaylee in January of the trip UP to the top.

Trip up Mt Pilatus

The next video is a compilation of the trip down the mountain.

Trip down Mt Pilatus.

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