5 November.2020

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I have to hit the most pressing thing first. No, it is not the US Election. No, it is not COVID. The most pressing thing on my chin this morning is the toilet paper, after I cut myself shaving again. Why are razor blades made differently in Europe vs the US?

Way back in July and August, I had to make my return trip to the US. I knew I was running low on razor blades, so I figured I would pick up a pack where they were cheaper. I forgot to buy a BIG supply to bring back. (Well that isn’t really true. Someone I live with had ordered so much crap from Amazon, that I didn’t have any more room in my luggage.) I ran out of the US blades last week. I have cut myself now 3 of the last 6 days. I do not think I cut myself ONCE with the blades from the US. So what is the deal?

It isn’t a different razor. Before I moved, I had been using one of the delivery companies for razors; so I had to buy the razor over here. I went with a Gillette because I figured the blades would be the same everywhere. Stopping and thinking about it after I was done shaving this morning; I now think for the last year I had been cutting myself very frequently before going to the US, and didn’t think about it until I was on my 2nd piece of toilet paper this morning. I am looking for ideas, though I have another three weeks supply of blades on hand, so I will be shopping for a Gillette replacement soon.

COVID Situation

There hasn’t been any real change in the virus situation since I updated last week. We do have a mask mandate, the Military has been activated in some areas to relieve the hospitals, but that is about it. Since 22 October the number of new cases has not dropped below 5000 per day once. We are now about 7500 cases per day. I think it has gotten so bad the Government seems to have stopped reporting cases daily. I’ve been checking a couple of different websites, and now I see a dump of info about every 3 or 4 days. This has really made the charts wonky. I do think there will be official travel restrictions soon, but the Government really does not want to do that. The French Speaking cantons do not have official travel restrictions in place, but bars and restaurants are closed until the end of November so it would be pretty hard to travel anyway.

I did get the official word from the Government that the kids are still not able to come over. After the entrance policies were changed, the information was conflicting as to whether or not people from the US could come. So I sent off an email. I got the response on Monday “The persons mentioned do not meet the entry requirements, they cannot be allowed to enter Switzerland.” I have to admit, in some ways it makes perfect sense, in other ways it doesn’t make any sense at all. I get why in the middle of an emergency you don’t want people traveling. That being said. If you are concerned about the virus, it is a lot more dangerous IN Switzerland than outside of Switzerland. Oh well, the kids will be able to see one set of Grandparents for the holidays, and some of their Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Hopefully, by next summer they can visit.


I’m not going to say a whole lot about the election. I am glad it is over. I hope the four or five states that haven’t been called, are able to get things counted soon, so that everyone can begin to move forward. I am convinced that President Trump will file lawsuit after lawsuit to try and get the counts to go his way. I am amused that on election night, he wanted to stop the counting in WI, MI, and PA, but continue counting in AZ and NV. I was also glad to see some Republicans finally push back against President Trump after his declaring victory.

I admit I am still sad for the United States. I truly had hoped for the Blue Wave; not because I am a raging liberal (though some of my Indiana friends think so), but I was hoping there could be some progress made on some of the real problems the US and the World has. I am sad that no matter the outcome of the presidential election we have set ourselves up for 4 more years of getting no where. If Trump wins, the only thing that will continue will be the nomination of rightwing judges. If Biden wins, nothing will happen because the Republican Senate will block every piece of legislation like they have done the last two years.

Oh well, I am happy that it looks like my good friend Paul Barlow will be buying me some good bourbon the next time we see each other. He bet on Trump, I bet on Biden.

Talk to you next week!

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