29 September.2020

Well I’m starting this one with ballots. I promise no more political than that! One of the interesting things about living overseas, is that we do get limited voting rights. I say limited, because I am not sure if Wisconsin will continue to treat us as “Temporary Overseas Voters” or “Permanent Overseas Voters”. I know I am not Permanent, because I plan on returning, but I can’t find a definition in the statutes as when Temporary becomes Permanent. Note to my son: There is a legal job for you. It will pay $1 or your tuition next year whichever is greater!

Official Ballot Envelope

Anyway, the difference between the two is drastic. A permanent overseas voter can only vote for Federal offices. A temporary voter gets to vote just like any other resident. So we get a say in all the local elections as well as county and state. It has been a year since we officially moved, and this time our ballots have local and state things on them, so I guess for now we are still classed as temporary. I wonder if that will change next year or the year after? I don’t get all the fuss about the mail in ballots, though. Yes, I guess it is possible that Julie or someone else could fill mine out, but highly unlikely. It is also highly improbable, that someone would be able to mass produce ballots. Both Julie’s and mine came with an identifying number which is tied to either our names, or to the ballot, but it is a number that is unique to each of us. Maybe that system is different in other states; so I cannot speak to everywhere, but at least in Wisconsin, the mail in votes seem to be pretty safe. Enough of that!!

King Tutankhamun’s Burial Mask

Every one who graduated middle school since the 1920’s knows this mask. I would guess it is one of the most widely known images in the world. Zürich has been hosting a King Tut exhibit for the last few weeks, so Julie and I decided to visit last weekend.

Our trip started with another navigation error. (Note to self: You are getting really bad at navigating lately, you had better turn those duties over to Julie.). The MAAG is a big arts center in town. They host a lot of music as well as visual arts, and history exhibits. What I didn’t know is they have multiple venues spread around Zürich. I printed off the tickets, and told Julie where we were going. Traveling by train you learn that you can either be early or late, there is never on time. So we we were 20 minutes early for our ticket window. Unfortunately, I was in the wrong part of town. In the small print was a sentence telling me that Halle 622 was located next to the Oerlikon Bahnhof. I just assumed it was one room in the large MAAG center. When we got there, something did not look right, because the people going into the center were all dressed very nicely, and there were NO kids. So the usher got a good laugh at me when I asked where the King Tut exhibit was. I don’t know if he was laughing because of my awful German, or because of my awful skills at navigation!

We finally got to the right place, and we were still 5 minutes early!

I actually learned a lot of stuff that I had either forgotten, or simply it went over the head of a young George. For example: I learned that King Tut was the conservative of his day. His father scandalized Egypt by doing away with the traditional religion. King Tut restored the religion while he was the ruler. He married his 1/2 sister. This was pretty common back then, however. King Tut had a lot of health problems. I am no biologist, but I wonder if that is because Tut’s Mom and Dad were also Brother and Sister. :0

Turn the sound down so you won’t be annoyed with the screaming baby!!!!

Hieroglyphics on one of the burial chambers

Howard Carter, the man who discovered the tomb, almost missed out. He spent seven years searching for the tomb, and the man bankrolling the dig, had to be convinced to pay for one last year.

For years there was thought to be a curse on the tomb. The man bankrolling the excavation was the first to die. He had some earlier health problems, but he cut himself shaving, and that became infected causing his death. Another 8 or 9 people died in the next dozen years, leading to the “curse”.

Next weekend we are staying in a hotel at the top of Mt Pilatus. Winter has already started coming to the mountains. There are places that have seen a foot of snow already. Hopefully, we won’t have that problem.

Enjoy the pictures!

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