29 October, 2019

For the past 25 years Julie and I have called Wisconsin home. We made some wonderful friends, raised two fabulous kids, and would probably have lived there for many more years. I have learned that when people think of Wisconsin, one of three things comes to mind:

1: The Green Bay Packers.

2: Cheese and assorted Dairy Products

3: Incredibly hard winters

I have been going through a little homesickness the last few days. We are keeping up with Packers; so that was OK. I really like a good Cheddar Cheese, and although the vast array of cheese over here is (sorry to say this) much better than Wisconsin. It wasn’t until last week that I found a Cheddar Cheese every bit as good as one I could find in Appleton, WI. That got me missing home. Over here people are prepping for winter, but hearing that snow flurries are forecast for Madison, and that temperatures will be below freezing, also has me missing the thought of winter. Winter over here is going to be chilly and dreary. At least that is what people tell us.

Anyway, I had been feeling down. That is until I woke up Monday morning. You see I had an email waiting for me from one of our church friends back home. Carrie Zoromoski, her husband Don, and a couple of their children are on a two week European Holiday. The very last weekend I was in Hortonville, Carrie said that she was coming to Europe this fall. Honestly, I didn’t think about it again. However, Sunday afternoon, on their train ride from Germany to Zurich. Carrie contacted some people at the church, and was able to track down my email address. Bottom line is that Carrie, Don, Julie, and I had a wonderful evening. They asked a lot of questions about living in Switzerland, and they caught us up on everything that was happening back home.

I honestly cannot tell you how much that lifted my spirits.

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