26 November. 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it is Thanksgiving Day in the US. In years past, the family would all be gathered in Mitchell, Indiana. I would start my day out in a hunting blind on one of our farms waiting for a deer to walk by. Some years I was successful, but many years, I had the simple pleasure of being alone with my thoughts watching the sun come up being thankful for the many blessings I had over the past year.

Picture from my last Indiana Hunt in 2018

The Swiss do not have a “Thanksgiving Day”. So Julie is at work. After I get done writing this post, I have some laundry to do, and I really need to mop the floors. (I have been really bad about that this week.). I have a zoom call set up with the Sorrells Family at 4 PM. My Mother and Father are recovering from Corona right now, so they are in quarantine. This will be the only way to get together this year. Then we have another video call at 9 PM with Julie’s family.

I spent the last week looking for a turkey breast to make for dinner tonight, but I had no luck. I told you the story already about the really expensive turkey, well I did find a frozen turkey. It was maybe a 10 pound bird. More than big enough for Julie and I. I decided to pass on that one as well. That one cost about $50. I decided that a chicken would be a better idea. Partly because I didn’t want to be eating leftovers for the next two weeks.

As I finish this short post, I am thinking how much I have to be Thankful for. My parents have gotten past COVID. I was a little worried last week. I honestly do not remember the last time my Father was laid up. I had a suitcase all ready to head back to the US; so I am thankful I didn’t need it. The kids seem to be doing well. It stinks that they won’t be able to come over during their semester break, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed for this summer. Julie’s parents seem to have recovered from their health scares this summer; so another thing to be thankful for. Julie likes the new company, her new boss, and her new job. While everything hasn’t gone according to our dreams; we are very thankful for the opportunities we have been given over the past year.

Julie and I did not get to travel like we thought we would. The virus has put travel on the back burner, but we still did some amazing things this year. Skiing near the Matterhorn, a train ride to the top of Jungfraujoch, and walking around Lisbon, Portugal, to name a few. I hope that next year brings many new adventures as well.

So as all of you in the US are sitting down to your large Thanksgiving Feast, or your socially distanced small meal, please remember what you are thankful for this year.

2 thoughts on “26 November. 2020

  1. Happy thanksgiving! I always enjoy reading your posts. Actually I thought of you this morning that you are generally in Mitchell on thanksgiving and do the walk /run. I don’t think they had it this year as I didn’t see anyone running by our house. Lots of changes this year. As for your dad you can’t keep a good man down he brought me a sack of turnips this week. I have been so blessed by the love of your family. May God bless you.

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