25 März, 2020

Well, the Coronavirus has certainly had an impact of things over here. Well, honestly, it really hasn’t changed much for me, but it has had a big impact on Julie. The last time I wrote, I wasn’t to sure that she was going to make it back from the US. It turned out she was able to get back easier than she was able to get to the US. Her flight was more scary, as it made an emergency medical landing in Canada. Which would have made her miss the flight in London, but thank goodness, there was a delay so she was able to get to Zürich when she was planned.

The Swiss government has not implemented any mandatory quarantine; which kind of surprised us. Her Boss originally was expecting her to be in the office the first of this week, but last Thursday AMCOR implemented a policy that keeps 1/2 of the workforce at home on any given day. This is enabling her to get a 10 day quarantine. But even then she might just keep working from home. She isn’t worried about the office. We are both more worried about the train to and from the office. If we had a car, it would be no big deal at all. I would drive her to work, and pick her up, but we have to rely on the train; so she might just stay home.

One of the few things the virus has changed for me, is that I don’t go the grocery store every day now. I go about every third day now. Certainly the amount of walking I do is cut way back. To make up for the lack of walking, I have started either riding my bike for 30 miles or going for a 6 mile jog.

Julie and I were supposed to be heading to Lisbon next week, but that trip has been put on hold. Canceling the flights was not a problem at all, but canceling the hotel room has proven to be a bit of an issue. The hotel is unwilling to refund the money. They are giving me the option to reschedule, but who the heck knows when that will happen. I will probably try and reschedule something for August, or September, hopefully that will push things out far enough!

I hope everyone stays healthy! Keep washing your hands.

One thought on “25 März, 2020

  1. Glad you guys are ok and that Julie made it back! Obviously Jordyn and I are not coming in may. We rescheduled everything for the last of September. Hopefully we can still come see you! It’s strange here with every thing going on but we are managing. We are both working from home and I am doing all of my hearings telephonically. Jordyn has been working from home for about 3 1/2 weeks. Lily understood what was coming, they are actually doing testing for all first responders and medical personnel. Jordyn volunteered to work at it tomorrow. It’s amazing how people and companies have stepped up. You guys stay healthy and safe ! Andrea

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