25 Februar 2021

Our hike around Einsiedeln

Some new German words due to COVID

The German dictionary has expanded by over 1200 words since the coronavirus was discovered. I thought I would share some of them with you! I tried to put in ( ) if there is a direct english translation

Kuschelkontakt: (cuddle contact) The person that is specifically only used for “cuddles”. Please note the quotation marks! šŸ™‚

Abstandbier: Drinking beer while keeping socially distanced

TodeskĆ¼sschen: (Kiss of death) This is used when someone comes up and gives you a kiss on the cheek, but you are afraid of catching germs.

Maskentrottel: (Mask idiot) When someone wears their mask underneath their nose.

Ɯberzoomed: Stressed out by too many video calls.

CoronaFuƟgruƟ: A greeting made by touching feet instead of shaking hands.

Hamsteritis: The tendancy to hard food and other supplies like what happened at the start of the pandemic

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