21 November. 2020

It has been a while since I wrote anything. The only big thing happening is and has been the election in the US. I have a lot I would like to say about what is happening back in my home country, but there are a couple of things I know: 1) People reading this blog are not reading it for my political views. 2) No matter what I would say 1/2 the people back in the US would agree and the other 1/2 would disagree; so better to just keep my views to myself, and my close friends! So the only political thing I will say, is that I hope the US people get themselves figured out soon; so our political leaders can start trying to solve problems instead of fighting with each other.

Yesterday, as I was putting my mask on to enter the grocery store, a young man came up and asked if I spoke English. It turned out he is a musician from Iceland. He and his band were on a European tour when COVID hit. Once the second wave of the virus started shutting down venues around Europe, they came to Switzerland, because the Government has ruled out a second shutdown for now. The band has been playing some bars in and around Zürich and Geneva. During the day, they are out trying to sell CD’s and get some living money. I told him I wouldn’t buy anything unless I could hear a sample. He pulled out his phone and started playing some. The music is a little darker than I am used to, but he agreed to sell me three CD’s for 30 CHf. I figured, “what the heck?” He is a young kid out beating the street trying to make a living, and I have heard a lot worse that counts as music. :). The band’s name is Illumenium. You can find a few singles on iTunes or You Tube Music.

Illumenium CD Covers

A high point of my day today was getting a package in the mail. I ordered some “ice socks” a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I actually clicked on a facebook ad. :).

Ice socks

I don’t think the socks are anything special. I just liked the designs. Another high point of the day was buying a new shopping trolley. Julie bought one right before we moved. She knew that we would need something to help carry groceries from the store to home since we wouldn’t have a car. The one she bought in the US, just wasn’t very strong. It actually began falling apart about 6 months ago, but I had been keeping it together literally with soda bottle tops, duct tape, and wire. The wheels on the old one finally started to break; so we needed another one. We went to a home goods store in Thalwil this morning, but what they had was over $400, and other than looking fancy, they didn’t appear any stronger than what we had. So we went downtown to some bigger stores. I found a new trolley that hopefully will last longer than 15 months.

Shopping Trolley

In earlier posts, I have complained about the hills, and talked about how hard running is. I reached another milestone this past week. I knew I was getting in better shape, when I was able to jog from my house to the top of the hill. It is 1/2 a mile from my house to the top of the hill. 1/4 of a mile is relatively flat, then I hit the hill for another 1/4 mile, but it took most of a year before I could jog the whole way up. Well, the train station is closer to the bottom of the hill. It is still about 1/2 a mile to the top of the hill, but it is going up the entire way. Last week, I was able to jog to the top of the hill from the train station. I was still slow, but I didn’t have to walk once. This is my lead in to my last plea for the St Judes Marathon.

This is the link to a fund raising page. If you have something to spare, the patients of St Jude thank you for any donation. Tomorrow I plan on going for a final long run before I run the 1/2 marathon. This year the race is virtual; so I won’t be running with my friends in Memphis. I am going to do an easier course. Run from my house to the Zürich Opera House and back. I am also thinking about signing up for the Zürich Half Marathon next April, but I haven’t made up my mind on that one.

Today, I am missing one of the best sports days of the year. Opening gun deer season in WI. I had promised myself, that I was only going to miss one year, and that was last year, but I just couldn’t risk putting myself on an airplane and potentially giving Covid to all my hunting friends. I really miss hunting, ALMOST as much as I miss seeing all my friends. I am hoping like heck that the world goes back to normal for 2021; so I can make a return trip to WI for some fresh venison and camaraderie.

I wish I had more pictures for you. We just simply haven’t really gone anyplace the last couple of weeks. Last weekend we did take a long hike from our house to the top of Uetliberg.

Route from our house to Uetliberg

So I have some pictures from the hike, but that is about it. I see from my clock that I have about an hour to get the Glüwein going for the IU football game; so I will be going for now. Talk to you soon.

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