20 October, 2019

Well thank goodness the morning was grey and dreary. I stayed up until 1:45 this morning watching the IU VS Maryland Football game. As a long time suffering IU fan, I should know better. IU Football almost always sets me up for disappointment. I have even followed them to both Coasts in the US for Bowl Games, and have been let down each time. Oh well, this morning was a different. IU was able to close out a game and chalk one up in the W column. A much different outcome than my second favorite college team (The UW Badgers) had. 🙂

Any way, since the morning was dreadful. I felt OK sleeping until almost 9:00 AM. Julie and I just kind of sat around the apartment drinking coffee and eating breakfast until about noon. We then decided to get off our behinds and do something. We found a nature preserve within walking distance so we put on our hiking shoes and took off. We have certainly learned to re-think walking distance over here. Back in Wisconsin, if the walk was over 1/2 a mile we would get in the car and drive. The park is almost 4 miles from our apartment. The choices were: 1) walk . 2) Bus and train or 3) Uber. Well Uber would have cost $45. The train and bus option would have taken almost an hour, or we could spend a little over an hour walking and talking. We decided to walk. It was a nice little hike.

Zurich Wildnispark

You could equate this to a small state park in the US. The park has camping, picnic grounds, and hiking trails. We were able to see some red deer. The park also has an area marked off for wild boar. You could certainly see where the boar have been, but we did not see any this trip.

I was Snapchatting with my hunting friends this weekend. I have been missing the woods; so getting outside, and seeing some animals, even if they were fenced off, was a needed pick me up!

When you look through the pictures at the bottom. You will see a couple of pictures of little shacks. These are in the community gardens. Many of the towns have plots of land set aside for the gardens. And the residents build small garden shacks for their garden. The shacks look like little weekend vacation cabins.

After the hike, Julie and I took the train into Zurich. I am not sure if I have said this before, but one of the things that takes a while to get used to are Switzerland’s Blue Laws. Basically, every business is closed on Sunday. Gas stations may be open, but since we don’t have a car, I have not had a reason to find out. Almost every other store is closed. You can find some stores open. The main train station in Zurich is open, and the airport. We needed to find some flowers for tonight. Tonight Julie and I are meeting up with the other Expats from AMCOR that came from Wisconsin. We are getting together to watch the Packer game.

So that was our Weekend.

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