2 März 2021

So Julie and I tried to watch WandaVision Saturday night. What are we missing? We had both seen really good reviews of the show, but I gave up after 10 minutes. I just simply could not stomach it. Julie managed to watch the entire episode. Then she said she would never watch another one. So please, if you have seen it explain it to me. Ws it supposed to be a spoof? I saw glimpses of Bewtiched, and the Dick Van Dyke show, but I just could not get over the lousy and overboard acting. I keep thinking it is Disney doing what Disney does best. Ride the horse into the ground until it dies…..

So this brings up an entertainment/parenting question. I subscribe to HULU over here, because it gives us access to live US television. It was really great this past fall as I was able to watch all but one or two IU football games live. We pay for the US version of Netflix. That way the kids still have access, but I am learning that European Netflix is superior, but if I change the subscription, the kids lose access. Just trying to make up my mind if I cut off the kids or not. :).

We started a tradition of buying Swarovski Christmas Ornaments when we moved here. The beauty of the Christmas tree in the Zürich Train Station sold us on buying these ornaments. We keep them hanging all year long. The video below shows what happens in the apartment when the sun is shining through the windows.

Swarovski Christmas Tree 2019

This past weekend we took a Sunday drive to Stein am Rhein. Julie and I continue to be amazed by the cities and towns here. We still have a hard time grasping the size of the town vs the number of people that live there. Stein am Rhein is a large town by Swiss standards, yet only about 3500 people live there. The central part of the town has incorporated the old city walls into the charm. The central part of town is walled on three sides. The “wall” is made of homes and hotels. You have to go through the old town gates to access the center of town. The reason it is walled on three sides, is because the river makes up the fourth side.

One of the entries into Stein am Rhein

I was really impressed with the painting on the buildings. The artwork was beautiful. I can’t wait to go back. There is a museum we want to visit, as well as a large castle on the hill overlooking town. Both of these were closed due to the COVID restrictions. Is is a little over an hour away, so it makes a day trip very doable. I will show you some of the pictures we took now, but I have tell you story of how I learned Julie will NOT let be letting me take the car into the mountains and drive up and down the mountain paths. That will be coming later this week! In the first picture Stadtplan is German for city map.

I had to include the pictures of the cows, because I was so surprised to see them. Farms are MUCH smaller in Switzerland. That should not come as a surprise simply because land is at such a premium. But this farm was two blocks off the center of town. The buildings consisted of the barn/house. They were combined in the same building. There was the little square where these three cows were, and then there was the pasture. The pasture was maybe 30 yards by 50 yards. This was by far the smallest farm I have seen in Switzerland.

I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll write again in a couple of days.

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