19 August.2020

Well my wife isn’t going to be very happy with me, but what is she going to do I am in the US, and she is back home in Switzerland. :). Plus I am helping out her parents so I think that should give me some brownie points!!!!

I want to go back about 18 months in time. Julie was working for Bemis, and was working on the sale to AMCOR. We had thought she was going to be out of a job, and in fact she was getting everything ready for a job search. The bosses at Bemis, offered her an incentive to stay until the sale, so she decided to stick it out, and then would look for a job after the sale had gone through. Then AMCOR offered her the chance to keep working and move to Switzerland.

One of the things that went through our head, was “What the heck? Maybe we will get the chance to explore some of the world while she was getting paid.” The other thing was a possibility. Julie’s old boss made it very clear that he was only going to stay with the new company for a year. They needed a Chief Accounting Officer that knew US GAAP, and was familiar with SEC requirements and they did not have anyone on staff. So Julie and I also thought there might be a chance to extend her career. Well Jerry moved back to the states in June. Julie has been on pins and needles for the last few months as AMCOR was deciding who to put in Jerry’s position.

I am so proud of Julie because she was just named as Vice President and Corporate Controller. This is from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Announcement:

Effective as of August 12, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Company appointed Julie Sorrells, the Company’s current Director of Financial Reporting, as principal accounting officer, with the title VP & Corporate Controller. Ms. Sorrells, 55, has served as Director of Financial Reporting of the Company since the closing of the transaction with Bemis Company in June 2019. Prior to that and during Ms. Sorrells 29 year tenure at Bemis she served as the Assistant Controller and in various other financial roles within the company including in operating business units and corporate positions.

This is something she has been working for ever since she graduated IU way back in 1987. I think it is just about the pinnacle for an accountant. I don’t know where on S&P 500 AMCOR sits, but the way I look it, my wife has been able to achieve something that only about 500 other people in the world are doing right now!

I just know I am incredibly proud and happy of Julie’s success. I guess it just goes to show you that sometimes you take a risk, and it pays off.

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  1. What a wonderful email today. Good things to good people. I know you’re proud of her. Tell your wife well done.

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