18 Januar.2022

The apartment suddenly got a LOT more quiet this week, even with Julie working from home! Kaylee left for Madison on Saturday, and since both kids are back in the US the apartment just feels empty. It is getting a good cleaning this week, though! It is kind of strange having Julie home again so much. I think I am going to have to get a big whiteboard so that she can write down the days and times of her meetings. I have to work around the meetings so I can do house work.

George and Kaylee

I think I mentioned this in an earlier post this month, but 2022 is giving off such a strange sense of Deja Vu. Last year we were also in the middle of a work from home ruling. However, last year (if I remember correctly) we were in a kind of forced lockdown. Restaurants and bars were closed. The only exception were those in hotels. I remember thinking how stupid it was that you could go skiing and be in a gondola with people; you could go to a hotel and eat in the restaurant or bar, but practically all other entertainment venues were closed. Of course we were all hopeful because the vaccine was being rolled out, and we we naively believed that everyone would get the vaccine and it would be the end to the madness.

Now here we are a year later. By a lot of measurements in a much worse place with the virus, but the only real difference is that no one has any optimism for things to get better any time soon. Enough of the downer talk!

After the trip to Basel last week, we really did not do a lot. Kaylee and I went and visited the Lindt Museum in Kilchberg, but other than that we worked on a puzzle.

This puzzle was a lot more difficult than the previous puzzle. The blue alone took us most of a day. It would have been longer, but Kaylee noticed there were some electrical lines running diagonally across the sky. So we had to examine every single piece, and look for a “hair”. We eventually had to separate all the blue by shape. Then we would try each piece one at a time until we got one to fit. 🙂 Kaylee called it “Puzzling by brute force.”

I did get around to making some videos of our Basel trip.

30 seconds in Basel
Crossing the Rhine

Julie and I had seen some advertisements for something called the LILU Light Festival. This is something the city of Luzern started doing a few years ago. We thought it looked pretty fun; so after seeing off we bought tickets and took the train to Luzern. I wanted to take the train, because I had the thought the festival might have a sort of Christmas Market vibe, and wanted to be able to partake of adult beverages and not have to worry about driving home. Well my thoughts turned out to be WAY OFF THE MARK. It was nothing like a Christmas Market, and there was no booze to be had. Primarily because the crowds were so extensive, that it would have required a multiple hour wait to get anything.

Most of the show was outside but you could buy tickets for the inside light shows. We thought about buying tickets, but once we saw how big the crowds were, the last place we wanted to be was inside a building standing shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers! As it was, Saturday Night is the first time I can remember wearing a mask outside when we were not required to wear one.

The festival was supposed to have these light exhibits set to music. However, at most of the displays you could not hear anything. I am glad we went, but probably will not go back next year.

The rest of the week should be pretty quiet. Hopefully, I can think of something else to write about!

Talk to you soon!

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