18 August 2022

I know I have not written in a while. We haven’t been doing anything that was worth sharing. I am really not sure this one is worth sharing either, it is going to be more kicking myself in the behind because I was stupid.

We had some visitors last weekend. A couple came over from Wisconsin. They stayed with us a couple of days, and now they are off to the mountains, and then they will be spending a couple of days in France and Germany. When they arrived on Saturday we went down to the Zürich Street Parade (this is where my troubles probably started).

Street Parade is an annual event and is the largest event that occurs in Zürich. It is a techno parade. Lots of techno music and outlandish behavior. After dark it is basically a public rave. We went down in the middle of the afternoon when it was just getting started, but it still look the four of us almost 90 minutes to walk 1/4 a mile because of the crowds. The parade and party draw about 1 million people.

This picture was taken on the edge of the crowd, but you can see it is pretty much wall to wall people. I look forward to going again next year and I think we will have to dress for the occasion!

So what are my problems? Well, everything was going great until about 2:00 AM Tuesday morning. I woke up knowing something was wrong; so I went and took a Covid test. Sure enough it was positive. I am now on day three of my self isolation in the apartment. Knock on wood, no one else has gotten infected. Our guests left on Tuesday; so they were not around me that much. I was really worried about Julie. This is her busiest few days of the year as she had to get the annual filing completed.

So far I have had a pretty minor case. The first 24 hours was particularly awful. It was like the worst flu/cold combo possible. High fever, achy… You all know. After that I have slowly but surely started to feel a little better. This morning I actually felt good enough to get a shower. That is one reason I am bothered. I had to sit down while taking a shower because I was so weak.

The Alpenbrevet is two weekends from now. This is the ride in the Alps I have been anticipating and training for the last year. I am worried that taking another ?week? off from riding, and the recovery from Covid will mean that I have to miss the ride. In the last year I have put over 2500 kilometers (1500 miles) on my bike to train for this ride. A couple of weeks ago I expressed I was worried after taking the time off to move Kaylee, but after a few rides under my belt I was comfortable again. I am just not sure now.

I am really sad that I did not take better care of myself. I knew that going to the street parade was probably not the smartest idea. I might have been ok if I had worn a mask, but I figured it is 30 degrees and a mask is going to be really hot and uncomfortable. I guess I just have to console myself with the fact that I can try again next year, and that that mistake was NOT the worst one I have ever made!

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