Why an AI Blog?

A few years ago I moved out of the USA so I could help my wife accomplish a work goal that she established way back in the 80’s when we were both students. I have spent the last couple of years being a “Hausmann” meaning that my one and only job was taking care of our apartment. This is the second time in my life I have done that job. The first time, though, we had two children under the age of five; so the experience was a little different.  

One thing that has been the same, is that I was also a student while I was taking care of my family. The first time I was studying Management Information Systems. I had decided that when I started working again, I needed to make a career change. I then spent almost 18 years running a network, and eventually the IT department. This time around I am working on a Masters Degree in Cyber Security.  

With the rise of artificial intelligence and the sudden appearance of ChatGPT and similar programs I have decided I wanted to run a little experiment. I actually got the idea from someone else here on Substack. Jonathon V Last wrote a wonderful article titled: AI Is Eating the World. Mr Last thank you for the idea, I really have enjoyed following you the last few years. 

I am going to let AI write an article a couple of times per week on current events. I am interested to see how it progresses based on how I progress with the prompts. I will pose a question based on what I think is the top news story of that day. I will then follow up with two more prompts based on the original writing, and ask the AI to write a conclusion to what it wrote. I will not do any editing to what the AI system writes. I will simply copy and paste into the format of an article. 

I am really looking forward to how this might change over time. Please feel free to leave me ideas on things you like to hear about from the AI world. 

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