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In 2019 my wife and I made the move from North Central Wisconsin to a suburb of Zürich, Switzerland. My wife had the opportunity to move with a new company, and I gave up a long career in education to follow. The move has certainly had its share of highs and lows. Our adventure started on a down note, as she moved in June, and I followed three months later after selling our house. (Which was another disappointing adventure by the way.) We were able to do some traveling at first, so that was great, we got to experience a new culture, and began to learn a new language.

I am hoping this blog will serve two purposes. The first will be as a catharsis for me. I am going to write about the struggles as we move and settle in to live in Switzerland. I will also write of the adventures we have since we hope to be able to take most of our vacations and travel to different places in Europe.

Thanks for joining my journey. I hope you find it as entertaining and educational as I know I will.

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